The RDS NE is committed to providing outreach activities within the North East region. Our activities are summarised below:

Drop in Clinics

We hold drop in clinics, by appointment at a number of organisations including: South Tees Hospital Foundation Trust, Teesside University and Northumbria University. The drop-in clinics offer researchers one to one RDS advice from an advisor. If you would like to find out more or arrange for a clinic in your organisation please contact us through ourĀ contact page.

Tailored Workshops and Presentations

We are willing to provide tailored workshops or presentations which directly reflect research requirements within your organisation. These presentations or workshops frequently outline the variety of support the RDS can offer.


The RDS have hosted a number of events focusing on particular NIHR funding streams; for any information on upcoming events please take a look at our events page. In addition, if you would like the RDS to attend an event you are hosting please contact us through our contact page.