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The Health Foundation’s Innovating for Improvement Programme – Now open for applications

The Health Foundation’s Innovating for Improvement programme supports clinical teams to test and develop their innovative ideas and approaches, put them into practice and gather evidence about how their innovation improves quality.

In this round, they are particularly interested in applications from teams with innovative projects that focus on supporting the workforce to improve the quality of care.

Deadline for applications: 9th July 2018

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MRC/MRF Child and young adult mental health – the underpinning aetiology of self-harm and eating disorders

Up to £2.5m available in total to support high quality pilot studies and research grants to investigate the aetiology and underpinning mechanisms of self-harm or eating disorders, including the underlying bio-psycho-social mechanistic and environmental drivers, in children, adolescents and young adults (up to 25 years)

Deadline for applications: 26 July 2018

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UK Nutrition Research Partnership (UK NRP) Collaborative Awards: Outline stage

The UK Nutrition Research Partnership (UK NRP) for health and disease is a partnership between the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).  The MRC, on behalf of the UK NRP, is pleased to invite proposals for multidisciplinary pump-priming Collaborative Awards.

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2018

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Coeliac UK/Innovate UK Jointly Funded Grants

Coeliac UK and Innovate UK have come together to offer jointly funded grants to bring researchers and industry together to make improvements in three priority areas, for those living with coeliac disease:

  • Coeliac disease diagnostics
  • Enhanced quality of gluten free foods
  • Digitally supported self-care

Deadline for applications: 3 September 2018

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