Getting stuck into CoPro

Read this interesting blog about co-production from one of our clients Richard Holliday, who recently received PIF funding from RDS NENC. Richard was new to the co-production process, and has written about his experience.  Read more here.

NIHR Be Part of Research campaign is live

To mark International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) 2019, which takes place on 20 May, the NIHR is launching its new Be Part of Research Campaign.  The campaign aims to encourage patients, carers and the public to get involved in research. For more details click here

Public Health priority research topics

The Public Health Research programme are keen to fund research in 12 topics which they have previously advertised, including sun exposure, choice architecture, age-friendly environments and gang violence. Find out more here.

Developing the talent pool of Infection Early Career Researchers

Research is the innovation that brings better healthcare and treatments to patients in the NHS and it is part of the NIHR’s role to ensure the talent pool of research active clinicians continues to thrive. The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Infection Specialty Group is helping do just that by making it a focus for their work. Read more here.

i4i Challenge – real-world implementation

Every year innovators in England develop countless promising medical technologies, many of which are funded by the NIHR. But too many don’t make it all the way into the NHS and across the finish line of patient benefit. Martin Hunt, director of the NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme, outlines NIHR’s plans to help medtech organisations show the benefits of their technologies in real world healthcare settings and generate evidence to support their implementation in the NHS. Read more here.

Is NIHR Global Health funding really addressing health inequalities?

Rebecca Wilkinson, a Public Health Registrar on placement with the NIHR, discusses how equitable the NIHR Global Health Research Programme really is. To read more, click here.

Reaching Out : Diversity in involvement in research event

The North East Creating Connection Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) network hosted Reaching Out: Diversity in involvement in research. The event brought together patients, members of the public, researchers and organisations from across the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) and was also the launch event for the start of Creating Connections work on Reaching Out. Read more here.

RDS Blogs: From the RDS desk

Each month, the Research Design Service, brings you handy tips, insights and experiences of the funding application process. The blogs touch on various themes in the design process and highlight what you need to know before you make a research application.  This month’s blog: Don’t let your research sit on the shelf! talks about how to use your dissemination plans wisely throughout your research project to raise awareness, reach influencers and build your network. Read the full blog here.   Check out the previous blogs below:


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January 2019Demystifying public involvement with young people

RDS NENC Monthly Newsletter

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CRN NENC Newsroom

The NIHR Newsroom NENC is the Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria’s research news platform. CRN NENC stories include what’s happening around our region, opportunities, funding, awards, events and much more. The Newsroom also features news and information from our partner organisations across the region.

They have recently launched a Newsroom redesign with an improved look, making the design more modern, clear and fresh. Navigation has been improved to allow an easier user experience and an ‘Events’ page has been added to detail the events happening around the region.

Guidance on co-producing a research project

INVOLVE have published a guidance document with an aim to moving toward clarity about what is meant by co-producing  a research project. It explains the key principles and features of co-producing a research project and suggests ways to realise the principles and key features. Finally, the guidance outlines some of the key challenges that will need addressing, in further work, to aid those intending to take the co-producing research route.

Please visit the INVOLVE website to access the guidance document.